10 Restaurants in SF You Could Host Your Next Team Meeting At

Hosting a team meeting can sometimes be a bit more complex than you imagine. Sure, you could ask your team to meet up at the office, but you then you would be missing out on an amazing opportunity: turning your business meeting into something really special for your and your team. Your next team meeting should not only be an opportunity to discuss the development of new projects, ideas or even fix issues, but it should also be considered as a very important way to consolidate your team and keep building it up! If you are in the San Francisco area and want to organize an amazing team meeting, considering of the many amazing local restaurants is a great idea.

This article offers a list of cool venues with the capacity, space, and infrastructure to host a successful team meeting. You could even go to one of these restaurants after you do one of the team building activities in the Bay Area.

Benu: This classy and understated restaurant is perfect for smaller meetings with a very prestigious setting. The quiet, minimalist environment stimulates great conversation, and the progressive contemporary dishes are absolutely delicious.

Boulevard: This great spot on Mission Street is youthful, fun and energetic, perfect to host a larger team meeting.

EPIC Steak: This restaurant is a great place to meet, with large dining booths and a cool atmosphere that feels somewhere between a pub and a fine dining restaurant, with a European feel. This is a great place for a meeting for its classy, yet casual setting.

Gary Danko: Is sophistication is a requirement? Look no further than Gary Danko, and its classy environment.

Kokkari: Great food and homey environments might be great to make everyone in your team feel comfortable. This Greek cuisine joint might be what you are after.

Atlas Tap Room: If you are keen on allowing your team to relax with a few beers during the meeting, this is a great spot.

Barbarossa: This amazing cocktail bar has a nice and sophisticated space for venues and events, perfect for larger team meetings.

Prospect: Amazing place for business meetings, with an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Foreign Cinema: This place can get busy, but the cordial and prompt staff could help you with some great business meetings.

Salt House: Great food and lots of large tables for comfortable meetings.


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