3 Active Team Building Ideas

The words “team building” often conjure up images of stiff and awkward team members participating in trust falls in the breakroom or rather unwillingly playing a quick icebreaker game around the table in the conference room before a meeting. However, that does not have to be the case. These Bay Area businesses offer team building activities that will get your team moving and competing against the clock or one another. They will make everyone forget it was actually a team building event in which they were participating in the first place.

  1. The Go Game: This city-wide scavenger hunt game utilizes a custom smartphone app designed for this experience. Your employees will first meet with a game producer who will teach them the rules and divide them into teams. The teams will then compete against one another in a series of challenges, directed by the app, that encourage creative thinking and communication. These activities include a requirement to snap pictures and videos along the way which will be judged at the very end for a chance to win additional points. These games are customized to your team’s skill sets, interests, and needs. The Go Game offers variations of their app for large conferences as well.
  2. Adventure Associates: This Bay Area company specializes in creating custom team building games for groups of any size. These activities are guaranteed to provide meaningful and unforgettable experiences that will leave your team feeling energized. Your company’s experience could include kayaking or perhaps a bicycle tour of the city; whatever the Adventure Associates cook up is sure to be exciting.
  3. Adventure Challenge Course at Fort Miley: Offered by the Pacific Leadership Institute, this team building activity is not for the faint of heart. The high ropes challenge course is sure to encourage your team to learn to rely on one another as they conquer their fears together and build trust, leadership, and support. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery provided by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, this high-flying team building activity is sure bring smiles to your team’s faces.

Team building does not have to be confined to a stuffy office space. These activities offer your employees the chance to challenge themselves, learn more about one another, and get plenty of fresh air in the process.

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