3 Activities to Strengthen Your Team’s Creativity

One of the biggest myths about creativity is that some people are born with it and some people are not. The truth of the matter is that, while some people may have a greater penchant for creativity, all people are on some level creative and can cultivate it like they would any other skill. These three companies specialize in team building activities that will draw out and challenge your team members’ creativity. As they learn to think imaginatively here, they will be cultivating the skills to think outside the box and problem solve more readily back in the office.

  1. Paint Nite: This company connects you with a local artist and party host. They meet your team at a local restaurant or similar type venue and invite you to create artwork while sipping some cocktails. They supply all the materials needed for you to have a good time and flex your creative muscles. This is perfect for a fun and relaxing evening of team bonding.
  2. Nerd Improv: This company offers customized improv workshops designed to strengthen your team members’ active listening skills, creativity, willingness to take risks, and connection. They offer on or offsite skill building workshops, they’ll host icebreaker games or MC events, or even provide customized on-boarding training. Nerd Improv will help: “foster positivity during brainstorming and idea creation, encourage teammates to push their comfort zones, and discover new traits individually and in others.”
  3. Mystery By Design: With over 25 distinct and customizable plots, Mystery By Design’s writers and actors will work with your company’s history, strength, and idiosyncrasies to design a murder mystery scenario that your team must work together to solve. You name to time and place, and they coordinate the story. These events will have your teams competing to think creatively, beat the clock, and solve the mystery.

Creativity is a valuable skill to any team; being able to think outside the box and problem solve quickly will help your team collaborate more effectively. These Bay Area businesses will help your team fire on all creative cylinders and run smoothly and effectively.

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