4 Co-Working Spaces in San Francisco for your Team to Use

Co-working spaces are a particularly growing trend, as office spaces are becoming increasingly expensive everywhere, particularly because of the crazy prices of the real estate industry in this particular time. The problem is that most small to medium size businesses are no longer able to afford great working spaces, and if they do, it would certainly not be in a great area, where organizing a business meeting could actually be really amazing.

Co-working spaces offer a really stunning solution to this problem because they offer more flexibility and better infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. Most of what you need would already be there, for example, office supplies, desks, meeting areas, wifi connections and much more. You can even choose to rent the office space for a limited time, such as several days a week if you are only looking to use it occasionally. If you live in San Francisco, this article features 4 of the best co-working spaces in the city for your team to use. These spaces are also great for hosting team events.

Sphere Pad Coworking: This is an amazing co-working space managed by WeWork. This space is located on 1714 Stockton Street #300 in San Francisco.  and it offers many stunning facilities, from fully furnished permanent office spaces to stunning meeting rooms and other amenities perfect for various types of tasks.

NextSpace Coworking: This particular working space has a very hip vibe and a very energetic feel. There are large, bought rooms, nicely furnished offices and lots of spaces for meetings, presentations, and other project management applications.

DG717: A great space not only for co-working but also for events and other particular meetings, located right in the heart of Market Street. This particular space offers many amenities, including a very large venue space, as well as modern meeting rooms and comfortable working nooks.co-working

Sandbox Suites: This is a great working space if you need a place that to stimulate your creativity and even help you get inspired while offering outstanding professional solutions.

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