5 Books About Team Building

Team Building is now an essential aspect of the daily life of any business. A great company culture is often synonymous with better productivity and more motivation on the part of your employees, which in turn, leads to more constructive team efforts and better ways to get things done successfully. If you are looking for guidance or inspiration, team building books are a great place where to start! This article will walk you hand in hand through 5 of the most thought-provoking and accomplished publications relating to team building. So you can improve the way you handle your team building operations and start building a better company culture, right away!

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

This is a great book for those who are looking to discover a whole new approach to team building, and address the weaknesses in your own team. The author strikes a really great balance between innovative ideas and timeless concepts, explaining how the world of team building has changed throughout the years, and how it keeps changing. More importantly, this book is really great to help people understand the sheer importance of team buildings, and what it could actually do for your business.

The Leadership Challenge, James M. Kouzes

This publication is definitely one of the most celebrated and highly regarded in this particular niche, and it really does focus on some very pivotal aspects of team building. One of the biggest perks of this books is that it helps business owners understand a very important concept: there is something that’s worth more than your capital or your products: it is your people.

The idea is simple: you can have a great product and you can become successful for a while, but without a great team behind it, with true commitment to fostering the growth of the company, success will remain stagnant and competitors with better teams will move ahead of you

The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon

This particular book strikes for a very refreshing, modern and forward-thinking take on HR and team building tasks, strongly focusing on the very important human elements and the power of catering to each, individual member of your team. This book is all about helping people stay motivated, energized and focused on the goals of the business, while achieving their own.

Teamwork Isn’t My Thing and I Don’t Want to Share, Kelsey De Weerd

This may be a children’s picture book but it’s a fun and comedic way to approach team bonding.  

The Ideal Team Player, Patrick M. Lencioni

This book has a more classic approach, but it definitely features some precious insights that will help each member of your team become a true team player.

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