5 Fun Ways to Motivate Your Team

For better productivity, you need a fully motivated team. Team building is great for that, and there are just so many options in the Bay Area. Not everyone likes the traditional sense of team building, so you need to look for new and inventive ways to do it. Here are five fun ways to get your team motivated in San Francisco.

Cook Together

Team building isn’t just about doing a few leadership exercises once very blue moon. There are other ways to get them working together and excited. How about helping them learn practical skills at the same time with some Bay Area cooking classes?

Have Fun Dress Days

Team building doesn’t have be done just through activities. You can create a fun place to work, which in turn boost employee morale. Pick an era and ask everyone to come dressed as something from that time. What about costumes at Halloween or doing a specific color day?

Give Back

If your employees aren’t that excited about dressing up, why not just have something crazy happen in the office? Hire a flash mob or have someone dress up in a funny outfit to deliver the Christmas bonuses. The team members will definitely go home with a smile on their faces and fun memories.

Draw Together

What about encouraging the creative side of your employees? San Francisco has a range of art classes, some of them including street art. There are events where the employees will be split into teams to create the best piece of art.

Focus on the Positives

One of the best ways to motivate your team is by encouraging them to do their best. Encourage the use of creativity and innovative thinking by focusing on the positives that happen. Stop picking up on the failures.

You’ll have your Bay Area team working together in no time with these fun motivation and team building tips.

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