28 Company Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Here at Team Building San Francisco we are cataloguing the best team building activities, corporate events and company outing ideas that the Bay Area has to offer.

San Francisco, and the Bay Area, have become a massive tech hub – one that includes some of the best companies in the USA. Thanks to the startups and tech companies that are dominating the scene, there are a lot more corporate-focused team building activities.

If you are new to team building (or team bonding as referregind to by some), here’s what you need to know. Team building is an activity that gathers employees and aims to improve productivity by encouraging them to participate in different corporate activities and events.

Basically, the value of team building is simple – it takes the entire company offsite and develops trust among employees through fun activities and games. According to many credible sources, team building has become a trend among the new companies, whose goal help employees bond and encourage them to trust each other, just like in their corporate roles.
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10 Restaurants in SF You Could Host Your Next Team Meeting

Hosting a team meeting can sometimes be a bit more complex than you imagine. Sure, you could ask your team to meet up at the office, but you then you would be missing out on an amazing opportunity: turning your business meeting into something really special for your and your team. Your next team meeting should not only be an opportunity to discuss the development of new projects, ideas or even fix issues, but it should also be considered as a very important way to consolidate your team and keep building it up! If you are in the San Francisco area and want to organize an amazing team meeting, considering of the many amazing local restaurants is a great idea. 

This article offers a list of cool venues with the capacity, space, and infrastructure to host a successful team meeting.

Benu: This classy and understated restaurant is perfect for smaller meetings with a very prestigious setting. The quiet, minimalist environment stimulates great conversation, and the progressive contemporary dishes are absolutely delicious.

Boulevard: This great spot on Mission Street is youthful, fun and energetic, perfect to host a larger team meeting.

EPIC Steak: This restaurant is a great place to meet, with large dining booths and a cool atmosphere that feels somewhere between a pub and a fine dining restaurant, with a European feel. This is a great place for a meeting for its classy, yet casual setting.

Gary Danko: Is sophistication is a requirement? Look no further than Gary Danko, and its classy environment.

Kokkari: Great food and homey environments might be great to make everyone in your team feel comfortable. This Greek cuisine joint might be what you are after.

Atlas Tap Room: If you are keen on allowing your team to relax with a few beers during the meeting, this is a great spot.

Barbarossa: This amazing cocktail bar has a nice and sophisticated space for venues and events, perfect for larger team meetings.

Prospect: Amazing place for business meetings, with an elegant and sophisticated feel.

Foreign Cinema: This place can get busy, but the cordial and prompt staff could help you with some great business meetings.

Salt House: Great food and lots of large tables for comfortable meetings.


4 Co-Working Spaces in San Francisco for your Team to Use

Co-working spaces are a particularly growing trend, as office spaces are becoming increasingly expensive everywhere, particularly because of the crazy prices of the real estate industry in this particular time. The problem is that most small to medium size businesses are no longer able to afford great working spaces, and if they do, it would certainly not be in a great area, where organizing a business meeting could actually be really amazing.

Co-working spaces offer a really stunning solution to this problem because they offer more flexibility and better infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. Most of what you need would already be there, for example, office supplies, desks, meeting areas, wifi connections and much more. You can even choose to rent the office space for a limited time, such as several days a week if you are only looking to use it occasionally. If you live in San Francisco, this article features 4 of the best co-working spaces in the city for your team to use.

Sphere Pad Coworking: This is an amazing co-working space managed by WeWork. This space is located on 1714 Stockton Street #300 in San Francisco.  and it offers many stunning facilities, from fully furnished permanent office spaces to stunning meeting rooms and other amenities perfect for various types of tasks.

NextSpace Coworking: This particular working space has a very hip vibe and a very energetic feel. There are large, bought rooms, nicely furnished offices and lots of spaces for meetings, presentations, and other project management applications.

DG717: A great space not only for co-working but also for events and other particular meetings, located right in the heart of Market Street. This particular space offers many amenities, including a very large venue space, as well as modern meeting rooms and comfortable working nooks.co-working

Sandbox Suites: This is a great working space if you need a place that to stimulate your creativity and even help you get inspired while offering outstanding professional solutions.


5 Books About Team Building

Team Building is now an essential aspect of the daily life of any business. A great company culture is often synonymous with better productivity and more motivation on the part of your employees, which in turn, leads to more constructive team efforts and better ways to get things done successfully. If you are looking for guidance or inspiration, team building books are a great place where to start! This article will walk you hand in hand through 5 of the most thought-provoking and accomplished publications relating to team building. So you can improve the way you handle your team building operations and start building a better company culture, right away!

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

This is a great book for those who are looking to discover a whole new approach to team building, and address the weaknesses in your own team. The author strikes a really great balance between innovative ideas and timeless concepts, explaining how the world of team building has changed throughout the years, and how it keeps changing. More importantly, this book is really great to help people understand the sheer importance of team buildings, and what it could actually do for your business.

The Leadership Challenge, James M. Kouzes

This publication is definitely one of the most celebrated and highly regarded in this particular niche, and it really does focus on some very pivotal aspects of team building. One of the biggest perks of this books is that it helps business owners understand a very important concept: there is something that’s worth more than your capital or your products: it is your people.

The idea is simple: you can have a great product and you can become successful for a while, but without a great team behind it, with true commitment to fostering the growth of the company, success will remain stagnant and competitors with better teams will move ahead of you

The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon

This particular book strikes for a very refreshing, modern and forward-thinking take on HR and team building tasks, strongly focusing on the very important human elements and the power of catering to each, individual member of your team. This book is all about helping people stay motivated, energized and focused on the goals of the business, while achieving their own.

Teamwork Isn’t My Thing and I Don’t Want to Share, Kelsey De Weerd

This may be a children’s picture book but it’s a fun and comedic way to approach team bonding.  

The Ideal Team Player, Patrick M. Lencioni

This book has a more classic approach, but it definitely features some precious insights that will help each member of your team become a true team player.

Learn to Team Build with a Remote Team

From icebreakers, to games, to trainings, we love anything that helps us become a stronger group.

When you have staff spread over all over the world, getting to know each other becomes a critical step in a company’s overall success as a team. Check out Museum Hack’s favorite team building activities that help support and encourage remote teams.

  1. Weekly Team Google Hangout Calls
    • Weekly touch base meetings are one way our Marketing Team keeps in touch and stays efficient. A weekly Google Hangout call with a set agenda, and VIDEO, is perfect for our remote teams to get to know each other. Team members share their biggest wins from the previous week, what they are working on, or anything interesting they’ve learned through their work.

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5 Motivational Quotes for Your Staff

Even if you have the strongest, hardest-working team in the world, everyone has ‘bad’ days now and then. Even if productivity is high, it’s never a bad idea to encourage motivation, and truly inspire your team to do their best, every single day. Think about the last time you needed a simple ‘pick me up,’ and how much something as clear as a powerful quote really changed your entire attitude. Motivation is a powerful tool in life, and in business. When combined, success can start to come naturally. Providing that kind of motivation to your team is extremely important, and, of course, useful!

Sometimes, it’s important to take control and provide the right kind of motivation for your staff, so they can continue to produce high quality work. Not only will they feel better about the work they’re doing, but these positive, motivational quotes can actually make your team feel better about their day in general.

Everyone could use a little inspiration and motivation now and then. Use these five empowering quotes to make sure your team stays on track, and does their best every single day.

  1. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
  1. “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand
  1. “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi (Quotes Motivational)
  1. “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth (Criteria For Success)
  1. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson (Criteria For Success)


5 Icebreaker Questions to Help Your Teams Succeed

By now, you probably already know that your business is only as good as the team that holds it together. But, when that team is in sync with one another, success is truly just around the corner. Unfortunately, we’ve gotten bad cliches and stereotypes thrown at us for years when it comes to ‘team building’ exercises. They can feel forced, and even a little bit cheesy.

The good news? You can create awesome team bonding with no pressure, and without the cheesiness that can sometimes go with it. One of the best ways to do that is by introducing great icebreaker questions. These questions are designed to help your team get to know each other, get more comfortable with each other, and of course, learn and grow. The more comfortable everyone is around one another, the more willing to work together they’ll be. When hard-working, creative minds come together, there is absolutely no limit to what they can do. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that everyone working together will put your business on the fast track to success.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five icebreaker questions to help your team succeed.

1. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

2. You can only either own a smartphone, or a computer – which do you choose?

3. If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would it be, and why?

4. Which decade do you prefer – 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s?

5. If you could do anything in the world as your career, what would you do?

The setting and style for introducing these questions is up to you. Keep it light, keep it fun, and let your team get to know each other without the pressure and stereotypes that can go with it.

5 Awesome HR Jobs in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to a warm, exciting and diverse community in California. If you are looking for employment within the spectrum of HR, this is a great place for you, as the city buzzes with companies, start-ups and even public infrastructures looking to manage their human resources and unlock their full potential. Discover 5 of the best opportunities below!

1. The City and County of San Francisco itself is looking for HR management professionals with a particular focus on equal employment opportunities. This means that women, minorities and persons with disabilities are warmly encouraged to apply, although everyone will be considered, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, disabilities and other factors.

Apply here

2. Amplified Strategies is a company that facilitates investors and start-ups with an ethical mindset and a passion for philanthropy. They are currently on the lookout for a HR Lead!

Apply here

3. Ancestry is one of the worlds most famous online companies, focusing on helping people discover the story of their family and track down their ancestors. The are currently on the hunt for a full-time recruiting coordinator in San Francisco

Apply here

4. If you enjoy the academic world, California State University is currently seeking candidates to fill up a HR operation coordinator.

Apply here

5. The San Francisco Media Co is looking for a talented HR Generalists to manage their workforce, consisting of about 100 employes.

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3 Tips For Remote Team Building

Fostering team spirit and increasing productivity is vital to any business, but how do you go about it when your team is operating remotely? Many companies, projects or organizations work with members who are based in separate locations, perhaps handling different task and communicating constantly through the use of the internet and other tools. Having a remote team offers many advantages, including the fact that more freedom and flexibility is given to each team member. Remote team building can help you set common goals and to build a culture, which can often be difficult in remote work settings.

Here are a few things you can do to foster remote team building:

  • Break the ice! Try to use video chat or phone calls as much as you can, in order to give a “face” and a “voice” to each person, at least for a soft interaction, like an icebreaker or a small briefing.
  • Meet up! Although your team members might be based in different locations, an occasional meet up even when everyone can get to know each other is a great idea. If you have the possibility and budget to pay for the team’s travel expenses, even better!
  • Training: Training your employees might be a large investment, but it would definitely lead up to a more productive team effort in many scenarios.

5 Fun Ways to Motivate Your Team

For better productivity, you need a fully motivated team. Team building is great for that, and there are just so many options in the Bay Area. Not everyone likes the traditional sense of team building, so you need to look for new and inventive ways to do it. Here are five fun ways to get your team motivated in San Francisco.

Cook Together

Team building isn’t just about doing a few leadership exercises once very blue moon. There are other ways to get them working together and excited. How about helping them learn practical skills at the same time with some Bay Area cooking classes?

Have Fun Dress Days

Team building doesn’t have be done just through activities. You can create a fun place to work, which in turn boost employee morale. Pick an era and ask everyone to come dressed as something from that time. What about costumes at Halloween or doing a specific color day?

Give Back

If your employees aren’t that excited about dressing up, why not just have something crazy happen in the office? Hire a flash mob or have someone dress up in a funny outfit to deliver the Christmas bonuses. The team members will definitely go home with a smile on their faces and fun memories.

Draw Together

What about encouraging the creative side of your employees? San Francisco has a range of art classes, some of them including street art. There are events where the employees will be split into teams to create the best piece of art.

Focus on the Positives

One of the best ways to motivate your team is by encouraging them to do their best. Encourage the use of creativity and innovative thinking by focusing on the positives that happen. Stop picking up on the failures.

You’ll have your Bay Area team working together in no time with these fun motivation and team building tips.