Great Team Building Tips from the Cirque du Soleil

Cirque de Soleil performances are known around the world as magical, creative, and perfectly in-sync. Now, instead of just watching and learning from afar, companies are learning some of the Cirque du Soleil’s best kept branding and team building secrets. Known as the the Cirque du Soleil® SPARK Sessions, these experiences offer companies the opportunity to … Read more

New Bar Works Co-Working Space Opens in San Francisco

Jack’s restaurant, a historic building in downtown San Francisco, is finding new life as a co-working space; it is being revitalized by Bar Works, a company that has 3 similar spaces in New York City. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bar Works decided upon the historic venue in order to make a statement as … Read more

Tips for Remote Teams from Museum Hack

With the technological advances of today’s world, many companies are employing teams of people which are either fully or partially distributed – some teams might have a few central people all working in an office together and others from remote locations, and other companies may have all of their employees working from different parts of … Read more

Pokémon GO Team Building Possibilities

Museum Hack Premieres Pokemon Themed Tours Upon its release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon GO became a quick internet sensation – swiftly surpassing apps like Twitter and Tinder in number of users and quickly rising to the top of the App Store charts. As the Pokemon GO craze continued, Museum Hack continued their pattern of … Read more

Team Building Lessons Learned From Museum Hack

New York-based company, Museum Hack has recently moved into the Bay Area neighborhood and brought with them their unique brand of team building activities centered around the exciting and unknown stories of the artifacts and pieces at the de Young Museum. They have had great success with team building activities in New York City, and … Read more

Executive Chef Events

As I searched for food-related team building activities, I came across Executive Chef Events. This company hosts Iron Chef-style team cooking events in many areas of the country, including the Bay Area. According to their website, when your team arrives at an Executive Chef event, they will be greated by hors d’oeuvres and smiling faces … Read more

AdVenture Games Inc.

I was searching for active and exciting team building activities in the San Francisco area, and came across AdVenture Games Inc. This company has locations around the country and offer activities that challenge a team’s creativity throughout their “mind-provoking course”. Some of the activities offered by AdVenture Games Inc. are called National Treasure (a “Problem-Solving Urban … Read more


As I was searching for team building activities in the San Francisco area, I found CLASH Team Building Events. CLASH, which stands for the “California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters” began as a group of friends who designed a scavenger hunt game to get them out and about and off the couch during their weekends … Read more

Feet First Event Entertainment

As I continued hunting for adventurous and active team building activities, I found Feet First Event Entertainment. They specialize in, “providing unique and memorable team building activities” through a variety of activities called, “Amazing Race”, “Survivor Games”, “Mission Possible”, and “Project Funway”. These are just a few activities offered in categories like Indoor, and Outdoor … Read more