5 Awesome Ways to Use Instagram for Team Building

Make the #TBT work in your favor! Our friends over at Museum Hack posted this great piece on how Instagram can be used for team building. We wanted to share it with you here at Team Building SF To use Instagram for team building the key is to embrace the best aspects and features of … Read more5 Awesome Ways to Use Instagram for Team Building

3 Free Team Building Ideas to Inspire Your Teams

Team building activities are the kind of investments that boost everything from employee happiness to team cohesiveness. Team building activities don’t have to be stressful or over the top. If you don’t have time to plan a big team building event or need a quick fun activity to pump up your teams, don’t worry! Here … Read more3 Free Team Building Ideas to Inspire Your Teams

Boosting Employee Engagement Through Team Building

It’s no secret that happy employees are better team members. And the most direct path to team members’ happiness is through engagement; team members that feel engaged are more likely to perform better and put more trust into management. Deepening your employees’ engagement levels will result in a more productive and successful company. In a … Read moreBoosting Employee Engagement Through Team Building

3 Activities to Strengthen Your Team’s Creativity

One of the biggest myths about creativity is that some people are born with it and some people are not. The truth of the matter is that, while some people may have a greater penchant for creativity, all people are on some level creative and can cultivate it like they would any other skill. These … Read more3 Activities to Strengthen Your Team’s Creativity

Tips for Remote Teams from Museum Hack

With the technological advances of today’s world, many companies are employing teams of people which are either fully or partially distributed – some teams might have a few central people all working in an office together and others from remote locations, and other companies may have all of their employees working from different parts of … Read moreTips for Remote Teams from Museum Hack

Pokémon GO Team Building Possibilities

Museum Hack Premieres Pokemon Themed Tours Upon its release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon GO became a quick internet sensation – swiftly surpassing apps like Twitter and Tinder in number of users and quickly rising to the top of the App Store charts. As the Pokemon GO craze continued, Museum Hack continued their pattern of … Read morePokémon GO Team Building Possibilities

When Team Building Is Necessary

If you’re here on teambuildingsf.com, you know that team building is important, and you also know that there are certain situations that call for team building more than others. There are certain times when your team is operating on all cylinders, and others when they could use some improvement. It is crucial in these moments … Read moreWhen Team Building Is Necessary

Team Building Lessons Learned From Museum Hack

New York-based company, Museum Hack has recently moved into the Bay Area neighborhood and brought with them their unique brand of team building activities centered around the exciting and unknown stories of the artifacts and pieces at the de Young Museum. They have had great success with team building activities in New York City, and … Read moreTeam Building Lessons Learned From Museum Hack


As I searched for food-fueled team building in the Bay Area, I discovered Cozymeal. This company offers a wide variety of culinary experiences with a goal to, “connect people, build relationships, [and] make memories”. Cozymeal offers three corporate team building options: cooking classes, private dining, and market tours. Some of the cooking classes offered include: … Read moreCozymeal

Laser Quest

While searching for adventurous team bonding options, I came across Laser Quest. This laser tag company offers birthday parties, day camps, and even educational programs on top of their corporate group activities. They have locations all across the country, including one in San Jose. They offer a few different levels of corporate tours: exclusive quests, … Read moreLaser Quest