4 Co-Working Spaces in San Francisco for your Team to Use

Co-working spaces are a particularly growing trend, as office spaces are becoming increasingly expensive everywhere, particularly because of the crazy prices of the real estate industry in this particular time. The problem is that most small to medium size businesses are no longer able to afford great working spaces, and if they do, it would certainly not be in a great area, where organizing a business meeting could actually be really amazing.

Co-working spaces offer a really stunning solution to this problem because they offer more flexibility and better infrastructure to businesses of all sizes. Most of what you need would already be there, for example, office supplies, desks, meeting areas, wifi connections and much more. You can even choose to rent the office space for a limited time, such as several days a week if you are only looking to use it occasionally. If you live in San Francisco, this article features 4 of the best co-working spaces in the city for your team to use.

Sphere Pad Coworking: This is an amazing co-working space managed by WeWork. This space is located on 1714 Stockton Street #300 in San Francisco.  and it offers many stunning facilities, from fully furnished permanent office spaces to stunning meeting rooms and other amenities perfect for various types of tasks.

NextSpace Coworking: This particular working space has a very hip vibe and a very energetic feel. There are large, bought rooms, nicely furnished offices and lots of spaces for meetings, presentations, and other project management applications.

DG717: A great space not only for co-working but also for events and other particular meetings, located right in the heart of Market Street. This particular space offers many amenities, including a very large venue space, as well as modern meeting rooms and comfortable working nooks.co-working

Sandbox Suites: This is a great working space if you need a place that to stimulate your creativity and even help you get inspired while offering outstanding professional solutions.


5 Motivational Quotes for Your Staff

Even if you have the strongest, hardest-working team in the world, everyone has ‘bad’ days now and then. Even if productivity is high, it’s never a bad idea to encourage motivation, and truly inspire your team to do their best, every single day. Think about the last time you needed a simple ‘pick me up,’ and how much something as clear as a powerful quote really changed your entire attitude. Motivation is a powerful tool in life, and in business. When combined, success can start to come naturally. Providing that kind of motivation to your team is extremely important, and, of course, useful!

Sometimes, it’s important to take control and provide the right kind of motivation for your staff, so they can continue to produce high quality work. Not only will they feel better about the work they’re doing, but these positive, motivational quotes can actually make your team feel better about their day in general.

Everyone could use a little inspiration and motivation now and then. Use these five empowering quotes to make sure your team stays on track, and does their best every single day.

  1. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
  1. “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” – Ayn Rand
  1. “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi (Quotes Motivational)
  1. “You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth (Criteria For Success)
  1. “Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.” – Sam Levenson (Criteria For Success)


5 HR Manager Jobs Available in the Bay Area

A human resource manager can be the factor that develops team building and promotes team bonding in any organization. HR managers are a vital link between employees and management. They create a team building environment.

These five human resource manager positions are presently available in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Full Power Construction, Inc – HR Manager

International construction business headquartered in San Francisco needs a human resources manager that has six years’ experience, is certified with a SPHR or PHR, and is fluent in Mandarin. This is a chance for team bonding between U. S. and China.

Apply here

Uber  – People Consulting Manager

Get the right people with the right vehicles and times for Uber’s operations in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Major focus is team building within the company staff and with all of Uber’s partners. The job requires a B. S. in business and preferably an M. B.A and includes Uber rides.

Apply here

Cintas – HR Manager

Working out of the San Francisco, the position includes managing partnerships and Cintas personnel that deliver a multitude of business services to the Bay Area. Company prefers experience over education. Benefits package is exceptional and lavish.

Apply here

Goodwill Industries – HR. Manager

Position is responsible for HR duties and team building throughout the Bay Area for all Goodwill operations. Need a B.S., SPHR Certification or PHR Certification, and five years team bonding experience. Position reports to V.P. of HR. for U.S. Goodwill operations. Has a high potential for advancement.


Appl here

Skechers – Employee Relations Manager

Regional position based in San Francisco. Team building and conflict resolution are a priority. Job requires five years H. R. experience, five years retail experience, and a Professional Human Resources Certification. Very challenging team bonding elements are part of this position.

Apple here

4 Companies that Offer Enthusiastic Team Building

Many team building companies are cropping up around the country as CEO’s and managers are learning the value of team bonding and the ROI it can have. Sometimes, the team building activities these companies offer can seem tired and stale. Here, we have highlighted 4 companies that are sure to make your team smile, facilitate a great event, and maybe even allow your employees to forget they were team building in the first place.

Stripe team members enjoying themselves on a corporate tour with Museum Hack.
Stripe team members enjoying themselves on a corporate tour with Museum Hack.
  1. Laser Quest: Help your team members rediscover their inner child as they dart through the multi-layer maze, admits plenty of special effects, loud music, and lights. Their corporate packages include unlimited game play and team activities between games. They also provide light refreshments and allow you private use of their facilities.
  2. Urban Putt: With a great Mission location and awesome food & drink, this indoor mini-golf course has set themselves apart as something unique. Corporate groups can rent out the entire facility, including the bar, Game Room, and golf course. Urban Putt has made a commitment to fun and they deliver.
  3. Museum Hack: This renegade tour company specializes in reimagining the ordinary. They have developed a unique brand of sassy museum tours and engaging team building activities. They offer corporate tours at the de Young Museum, as well as offsite team building or breakouts.
  4. The Go Game: Their tagline reads, “Outrageously  fun real-world adventures that are anything but average & boring team building exercises.” Their classic Go Game adventure is advertised as a cross between a scavenger hunt and Mission: Impossible and it will have your team racing all around town to complete the tasks given by their custom smartphone app. The Go Game is sure to be a good time.

These companies all offer activities that will get your team out of their office chairs and having a good time together in non-traditional, fun ways that are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Team Building Lessons from Olympic Athletes

This summer, the world’s best athletes have gathered in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to compete for Olympic gold. They’ve shown amazing strength, determination, and persistence in order to qualify to compete on the world stage. Many of the qualities these athletes display can be applied to office teams as well. In a recent post on their blog, Spectrum Staffing identified three lessons that your team can learn from the athletes competing in the games of the 31st Olympiad.

  1. Communicate: All of the athletes come into the games with a plan, but as conditions change, it is crucial that they adapt and communicate to make the most of the competition and come out ahead. The same applies to corporate collaborations – it’s not enough for team members to simply come up with a plan at the start, but they must also be willing and able to communicate with each other at every step along the way. Stellar communication will open up the doors to highly effective collaboration as each team member is aware of the others’ positions, and is able to adjust their course correctly.
  2. Share One Vision: While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is highly important that your team all share the same goal as they strive towards the future. Being able to unify behind a common theme will allow your team members to know their roles and strive effectively towards the end result. They will be able to achieve smaller steps it takes along the way when they have all caught sight of the same vision.
  3. Commit To Hard Work: All of the Olympic athletes have trained tirelessly for years to earn a spot on the competition floor at Rio, and know that they must give at least 100% in order earn gold. Your team must also be aware of the hard work it will take to achieve the end result and be willing to go the distance.

Every Olympic athlete compete with the hope of returning home crowned as, “The Best in the World”, and many of the same principles they apply to their competition and training hold merit in the corporate world as well.

Executive Chef Events

As I searched for food-related team building activities, I came across Executive Chef Events. This company hosts Iron Chef-style team cooking events in many areas of the country, including the Bay Area.

According to their website, when your team arrives at an Executive Chef event, they will be greated by hors d’oeuvres and smiling faces a’plenty, and after they spend some time mingling and relaxing, they will be divided into teams, and challenged to work together to great their own amazing dishes. Once the competition or class portion concludes, everyone will then sit down together to enjoy the foods they have created.

They can host the cooking classes and competitions at a variety of venues (lots of which are listed at their website: http://www.executivechefevents.com/venue-options.php), as well as other venues of your choice, like art galleries, convention centers, or commercial kitchens. Executive Chef can host groups ranging in size from 15 to 2,000+ people. They’ve hosted groups from major companies like Google, Gap, and Autodesk. They can host dedicated offsite team building activities, or work with a hotel and host breakout sessions during a conference or similar event as well.

Executive Chef event have excellent, 5-star ratings on Facebook and Yelp. One Yelp reviewer said of her group’s experience:

SUCCESS!  We wanted a “knock your socks off” event for a hard working team and Executive Chef’s Iron Chef competition, combined with the beauty of Thomas Fogarty Winery, filled the bill with flying colors.  The setting was ideal, the weather fabulous, and the organization of the event stellar.  Our group can be similar to herding cats, with an abundance of A types, and the Exec Chef crew kept everything right on track. Smashing success!

Executive Chef offers a few different types of team building activities perfect for offsite events, or breaks at an annual company meeting. They are a well-rated, excellent option for team building activities. And they were founded right here in San Francisco.

AdVenture Games Inc.

I was searching for active and exciting team building activities in the San Francisco area, and came across AdVenture Games Inc. This company has locations around the country and offer activities that challenge a team’s creativity throughout their “mind-provoking course”. Some of the activities offered by AdVenture Games Inc. are called National Treasure (a “Problem-Solving Urban Adventure” in which your team is handed an envelope with a case file and a clue and given 90-minutes to solve riddles and find the treasure before their time expires) and SpyGame (in which the boss is kidnapped and your team members have to work together to crack clues and find him or her). They have worked with teams from NBC, Facebook, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola and can customize a team building game perfect for your group. A more complete list of games and ideas can be found in their brochure.

Their website features reviews from corporate clients they have hosted, and a representative from Facebook said this about working with AdVenture Games, Inc:

The entire Adventure Games team went above and beyond in putting together a team-building experience to remember! It was delightfully fun, creative, and whimsical, and allowed everyone to shed their everyday “work” personas to laugh and create something together in a lighthearted, but competitive environment. Set up on our end was minimal, but the payoff was immense! 

They have a 5.0 Star rating on their Facebook page, and are very active and responsive to messages there. They also have a Yelp page, which is still waiting for reviews (you could be the first!), and explains a little bit more about the specific activities they offer.

AdVentures Games Inc. looks like an exciting team bonding option, and is filled with mystery, peril, and adventure.


As I was searching for team building activities in the San Francisco area, I found CLASH Team Building Events. CLASH, which stands for the “California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters” began as a group of friends who designed a scavenger hunt game to get them out and about and off the couch during their weekends and became an awesome team building company when Google approached them to create a scavenger hunt for their interns. Since then, they have worked with a range a teams from startups to large corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Lyft.

A CLASH event starts with an intro/party time at an agreed upon venue – drinks are flowing and music is blasting while you get decked out in neon gear, divided into teams for the hunt and receive instructions about how the game will work. Next, you’re off! You’re racing through the streets using CLASH’s app to earn points and snap crazy pictures. Then when you return, you’ll watch a slideshow of all the crazy photos taken by all the teams and participate in the “awards ceremony to end all awards ceremonies”.

CLASH really encourages your team to come out of its shell and embrace its craziness – they recommend crazy costumes and provide neon headbands, fanny packs, and even face paint. They do ask that your team be mostly over 21, but they can bring CLASH to any city and work with groups ranging in size from 15 to 15,000 people. Their scavenger hunts vary in price depending on the size and needs of the group.

If the idea of a team building scavenger hunt seems worn out and tired to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of their reviewers on Yelp said that she had a hard time getting her team excited about it, but:

once we got them there and doing the hunt, it was GAME ON! They loosened up with a couple drinks, face painting and skee ball. Also, some self-deprecating stretching got them to loosen up (literally and figuratively).

What began as a goofy game among friends turned into some serious fun when they impressed Google, and CLASH has been creating successful team building events since, converting even the most staunch of nay-sayers.

Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and watch this video to learn more.

Feet First Event Entertainment

As I continued hunting for adventurous and active team building activities, I found Feet First Event Entertainment. They specialize in, “providing unique and memorable team building activities” through a variety of activities called, “Amazing Race”, “Survivor Games”, “Mission Possible”, and “Project Funway”. These are just a few activities offered in categories like Indoor, and Outdoor Activities; Community & Social Responsibility; and Movie Previews, Commercials, and Music Videos.

One activity that intrigued me was called “Flugtag!”. Upon further investigation, I learned that Flugtag is a German word for “Flight Day” or “Air Show”. In this Feet First activity, your group is divided into teams which will compete against one another to build a flying device out of the random materials provided. After selecting an action figure for the pilot, each team will launch their aircraft down the improvised tarmac and their aircraft will be judged on distance and style.

Feet First Event Entertainment started over twenty years ago and they produce anywhere between 20 to 35 events a month. Over the course of those last twenty years, they have amassed a very impressive client list, including companies like: Apple, Google, GitHub, and Microsoft.

Feet First Entertainment features a wide variety of activities, and has proven their ability to work hard and work well with a large variety of different clients.

They have a 5.0 Star rating on Yelp, and I saw reviews from groups of 13 through to groups of 70 – they’re comfortable handling groups with a range of sizes too.

One review that particularly stood out to me was, from Ali W., who said,

My work used Feet First for a team building event.  They set up an Amazing Race-type activity for a group of about 60-70 people.  I was impressed on how organized they were.  From the clues to the puzzles, everything fit together and made the competition run smoothly.  After the competition, the staff quickly gathered up video footages that we recorded and put them together for a highlight video.

You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, and watch more videos like the one above on their Youtube Channel.

Hornblower Cruises

While I was searching for unconventional team bonding options, I discovered Hornblower cruises. This cruise and event company operates in multiple cities in California and New York. In San Francisco, they over 8 cruise options, including lunch and dinner cruises, holiday cruises, and even trips out to Alcatraz. Most Hornblower cruises last 2 to 3 hours and are perfect for larger groups. On their website, they mention that they can throw parties as part of their public cruises for groups of at least 20 people.

They have a very extensive video gallery on their website that will give you a great peek into all types of Hornblower cruises, as well as get a feel for the captains and the crew. Check it out here: https://www.hornblower.com/port/video-gallery/sf.

They have very strong reviews on Facebook, and they maintain regular communication on Twitter and Instagram.

Hornblower cruises offer plenty of entertainment, great food, and a relaxing atmosphere. These tours are a great options for large teams who are looking to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air.