Feet First Event Entertainment

As I continued hunting for adventurous and active team building activities, I found Feet First Event Entertainment. They specialize in, “providing unique and memorable team building activities” through a variety of activities called, “Amazing Race”, “Survivor Games”, “Mission Possible”, and “Project Funway”. These are just a few activities offered in categories like Indoor, and Outdoor Activities; Community & Social Responsibility; and Movie Previews, Commercials, and Music Videos.

One activity that intrigued me was called “Flugtag!”. Upon further investigation, I learned that Flugtag is a German word for “Flight Day” or “Air Show”. In this Feet First activity, your group is divided into teams which will compete against one another to build a flying device out of the random materials provided. After selecting an action figure for the pilot, each team will launch their aircraft down the improvised tarmac and their aircraft will be judged on distance and style.

Feet First Event Entertainment started over twenty years ago and they produce anywhere between 20 to 35 events a month. Over the course of those last twenty years, they have amassed a very impressive client list, including companies like: Apple, Google, GitHub, and Microsoft.

Feet First Entertainment features a wide variety of activities, and has proven their ability to work hard and work well with a large variety of different clients.

They have a 5.0 Star rating on Yelp, and I saw reviews from groups of 13 through to groups of 70 – they’re comfortable handling groups with a range of sizes too.

One review that particularly stood out to me was, from Ali W., who said,

My work used Feet First for a team building event.  They set up an Amazing Race-type activity for a group of about 60-70 people.  I was impressed on how organized they were.  From the clues to the puzzles, everything fit together and made the competition run smoothly.  After the competition, the staff quickly gathered up video footages that we recorded and put them together for a highlight video.

You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter, and watch more videos like the one above on their Youtube Channel.