Food Related Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Food has been used a way groups of people get to know each other, bond and have fun for centuries. There is simply something about eating together that is comfortable and promoted talking and sharing.

The thing that makes eating or cooking together a great team building experience is that it’s FUN.  Sniff out the foodie in each of your employees to pull off the an amazing team building activity. The simple thing to do is ask. You also need to remember that being a foodie is not just about eating but is often more about process of cooking.

Here are a few foodie team bonding experiences in San Francisco that should work for you.

Do Chinese

Everyone that lives in San Francisco has had the experience of dining in some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants anywhere except in China.

Hire a master chef that has teaching experience. Find a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco and you will find one. Arrange a class that teaches your foodie staff how to make an authentic Chinese meal. A big part of the team bonding experience is the mistakes and terrible or amazing cooking that team members are capable of.

From the Sea

San Francisco is known for its seafood. Some of the most delicious and odd delicacies are best enjoyed raw. You can do this almost anywhere. All you need is the food and a place to eat.

The fun and the team bonding come in the strange faces, the outright refusals to eat ”that”, and the discovery of foods that your people have never seen or eaten before.

Have a Cook-In

All foodies love to cook. They are proud of what they do. Use this love of food and pride to your advantage in a team building event.

This requires preparation to get the most benefit. You may need to rent a place that allows a number of your best cooks to work. Using the company kitchen can work for you if the event lasts for a week of free lunches. Pay for the food because the benefit in team bonding is worth the cost.

The Great Guac Off

This is a guacamole making competition that is optimized for team building. The event includes fun games, food (of course) and can fit large groups. More info here.

You must promote this event. Start promoting at least two weeks before the cooking starts. The anticipation is as much of a team building experience as the competition.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our list of company team building activities in San Francisco.

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