Food Truck Challenge

Most team building activities in San Francisco and elsewhere are designed to be a fun experience away from work and the office. Team building binds your employees together like glue. However, sometimes your event can be for more than just fun: which is where the food truck challenges comes in.

The food truck challenge is a way to teach business skills and entrepreneurship to your employees. When your team has these skills, they will be more mindful of costs, aware of challenges in marketing, sales and more

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your group is divided into smaller teams.
  2. Each team creates a name, theme and branding for an imaginary food truck business.
  3. Then each team actually creates a food truck! One made out of paper and other craft materials of course.
  4. At the end of the building session, each team must present on the concept they created.

As you can see, the food truck challenge is a way for your team to exercise creativity and other useful skills. When your team members go back to the office, they will bring these skills with them and apply it to their work. That is the power of team building!

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