Hornblower Cruises

While I was searching for unconventional team bonding options, I discovered Hornblower cruises. This cruise and event company operates in multiple cities in California and New York. In San Francisco, they over 8 cruise options, including lunch and dinner cruises, holiday cruises, and even trips out to Alcatraz. Most Hornblower cruises last 2 to 3 hours and are perfect for larger groups. On their website, they mention that they can throw parties as part of their public cruises for groups of at least 20 people.

They have a very extensive video gallery on their website that will give you a great peek into all types of Hornblower cruises, as well as get a feel for the captains and the crew.

They have very strong reviews on Facebook, and they maintain regular communication on Twitter and Instagram.

Hornblower cruises offer plenty of entertainment, great food, and a relaxing atmosphere. These tours are a great options for large teams who are looking to get out of the office and get a breath of fresh air.