Artsy Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Team building should be fun and interest everyone involved. What about some artsy activities that don’t involve travel or a lot of planning? How about something that you can enjoy and get to know your colleagues doing. Here are three great artsy team building activities in San Francisco to try out.

Mural Activities at 1AM

Let’s start with the obvious when we talk about artsy activities. San Francisco is the home of 1AM, which is an art gallery that offers amazing work experiences. There are all sorts of art workshops, where members of the team will need to work together to create a masterpiece.

This will have an outdoor element because it’s mostly street art, but it’s a fun outdoor activity. You won’t need to worry about getting people through those giant spider webs in the middle of the woods!

Cook Together With Parties That Cook

Who would have thought that cooking could be an artsy activity? The best thing about this company is that it will come to you, so your team members don’t have to worry about training. You can even do it in the office or book your own third party venue.

The benefit of these events is that you don’t just get a team working together but everyone goes home with useable skills.

Build Your Own Mini Golf Course With Team Bonding

The focus of this event is to get people working together. This is where leaders make themselves known and show those who have skills working as teams to get a task done. You also end up with something to play on afterwards and can choose to use it or donate it in the end.

It’s time to think differently about team building events. Get artsy with your San Francisco team.

5 HR Manager Jobs Available in the Bay Area

A human resource manager can be the factor that develops team building and promotes team bonding in any organization. HR managers are a vital link between employees and management. They create a team building environment.

These five human resource manager positions are presently available in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Full Power Construction, Inc – HR Manager

International construction business headquartered in San Francisco needs a human resources manager that has six years’ experience, is certified with a SPHR or PHR, and is fluent in Mandarin. This is a chance for team bonding between U. S. and China.

Apply here

Uber  – People Consulting Manager

Get the right people with the right vehicles and times for Uber’s operations in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Major focus is team building within the company staff and with all of Uber’s partners. The job requires a B. S. in business and preferably an M. B.A and includes Uber rides.

Apply here

Cintas – HR Manager

Working out of the San Francisco, the position includes managing partnerships and Cintas personnel that deliver a multitude of business services to the Bay Area. Company prefers experience over education. Benefits package is exceptional and lavish.

Apply here

Goodwill Industries – HR. Manager

Position is responsible for HR duties and team building throughout the Bay Area for all Goodwill operations. Need a B.S., SPHR Certification or PHR Certification, and five years team bonding experience. Position reports to V.P. of HR. for U.S. Goodwill operations. Has a high potential for advancement.


Appl here

Skechers – Employee Relations Manager

Regional position based in San Francisco. Team building and conflict resolution are a priority. Job requires five years H. R. experience, five years retail experience, and a Professional Human Resources Certification. Very challenging team bonding elements are part of this position.

Apple here

4 Easy Team Building Activities for Startups

Team building is crucial for all types of organizations but it is definitely one of the most important elements in the success of a startup. Team bonding becomes a sign of success for startups as they hire more employees employees.  Often times as companies grow in size, team bonding can get a little more tricky. In this article, we are going to discuss some great activities that will help boost team morale and help bring your team closer.

The Egg Drop

This activity requires a great deal of teamwork. Teams create some kind of receptacle to protect the egg when it gets dropped from a certain height. Besides encouraging creative thinking, this exercise also forces them to make tough choices, especially in deciding that material that would work best for the task.

The Almighty Tug of War

The good thing about this exercise is that there is a little need instruction, because the game is so common. The physical demand of the activity acts as a great way to destress and inspires friendly competition. In this kind of activity, team members soon realize that communication is just as important as strength, if not more important.

The Classification Game

In this game, you give employees ten to fifteen minutes to get to know each other. Then you split them up into small groups. The main task here is for each team to come up with a group name that sufficiently captures the spirit of all members of the team. This activity is not only fun, but will help teams learn about each other in a relaxed way.  


Suggest that most, if not all of your workforce dedicate a least a day in every month to help a charity organization or a community project of their choice.

Introducing team building activities to your company is a great way to get employees communicating and bonding as your company expands. There is absolutely no harm in trying one of these activities on regular basis because sharpening your teams’ collaborative skills is always a win!

3 Awesome Outdoor Team Bonding Activities in San Francisco

When it is awesome outside, no one wants to be cooped up indoors, especially at work! Read on to learn about some awesome outdoor activities in San Francisco that can do a lot to help team bonding.

Scavenger Hunt

Regardless of age, scavenger hunts are fun everyone. They promote healthy competition and teamwork necessary to bond with others. Create an outdoor treasure hunt anywhere around the San Francisco area, with clues that will help the team brainstorm and work together. Raise the competition factor by offering an incentive for each member of the winning team.  Incentives could be a day off or gift certificate to a local eatery in the Bay area. It should, however, be something you know everyone would be interested in, in order to boost the competitiveness and teamwork.

Outdoor Yoga Session

Are you aware that yoga helps people destress and relax, in addition to providing a lot of other fitness and health benefits? Yoga helps us focus through holding poses and breathing.  It is also a form of meditation which keeps the mind off outside elements and brings us back into the moment. Yoga can do amazing things for employees’ stress levels. They’ll check all their worry at the door and relax for an entire session.  Apart from being beneficial for the mind, yoga is also good for flexibility, strength, and posture. By having a monthly or weekly outdoor yoga sessions, your employees will be able to hit the pause button on their individual lives and work toward improving themselves as a group.

Hula Hooping

You can get silly and get some exercise by hula hooping in San Francisco. Not only is this exercise great for creating an upbeat environment, it is also an awesome exercise for encouraging team building. If your team is often in high-stress situations, offering short hula hoop sessions for everyone once a month is a great choice. Your team will leave the exercise feeling recharged and ready to get back to work.

28 Company Team Building Activities in San Francisco

San Francisco, and the Bay Area, have become a massive tech hub – one that includes some of the best companies in the USA. Thanks to the startups and tech companies that are dominating the scene, there are a lot more corporate-focused team building activities.

If you are new to team building (or team bonding as referred to by some), here’s what you need to know. Team building is an activity that gathers employees and aims to improve productivity by encouraging them participate in different corporate activities and events.

Basically, the value of team building is simple – it takes the entire company offsite and develops trust among employees through fun activities and games. According to many credible sources, team building has become a trend among the new companies, whose goal help employees bond and encourage them to trust each other, just like in their corporate roles.
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3 Reasons to Get Your Teams Outside!

Being stuck all day in the office (could be a home office too!) can impact anyone’s productivity and morale. It’s important to mix things up and let your teams breathe fresh air once in while! Let your teams ditch the desk. Encourage them to work from a coffee shop.

Encouraging your teams to get outside will actually help boost team bonding and inspire creativity. Here are 5 reason why it’s good to play hooky from the office!

Being outside inspires us.

Creativity can be hard to come by. Especially, in stressful and dull work environments. Being outside will help your teams battle creative-fatigue. Encourage your teams to take a lunch break and actually leave the office! Move a daily meeting to a park or coffee shop.

New situations and environment encourage Team Building.

Your teams may be together for almost all the daylight hours but this doesn’t mean they are bonding. The best way to strengthen inter-office team relationships is remove teams from their workspaces. Get outside and let your teams relax. Fun team building activities, like scavenger hunts or field trips, are ways to build camaraderie.

Being removed from our mundane routine can boost productivity.

Many employees feel they’re more productive outside of normal work hours. This is because distractions and a dull environment can hamper our drive and work ethic. While you can’t control workplace distractions, you can control the environment! Let your employees work from home once a week. This change could actually inspire them to be more productive!

Great Team Building Tips from the Cirque du Soleil

Cirque de Soleil performances are known around the world as magical, creative, and perfectly in-sync. Now, instead of just watching and learning from afar, companies are learning some of the Cirque du Soleil’s best kept branding and team building secrets. Known as the the Cirque du Soleil® SPARK Sessions, these experiences offer companies the opportunity to learn from the teamwork, creativity and branding expertise of the Cirque du Soleil.  The experiences also cover team bonding and talent acquisition.

In a recent article for, James Guilford and Kris Chanski, who both work with the SPARK Sessions, talk to Jennifer Xue team building. Here are the 5 awesome tips inspired by the Cirque du Soleil-way.

  1. Fill the gap between the “idea” and the actual result. Guilford calls this the “gray space.” Explaining to Xue that embracing the gray space can lead to realizing goals.
  2. Inclusive word like “also” and “help me understand” are great for promoting team collaboration and positivity. Stay away from hash words like “no”, which stifle team spirit.
  3. Positive feedback with “progressive” language. If you are giving feedback to a team member, use a sentence that emphasizes “when you do this…then this allows.” Instead of saying “you did this and made this happen.”
  4. Shine a spotlight on team members. Don’t forget to praise you team members and do so in a big way. Show the whole team the great work they’ve done!
  5. Encourage endless possibilities. Don’t put a cap on your team members’ dreams. Encourage them to dream big in their jobs – whether this is learning new skills, exceeding in a position or moving up in the ranks.

Read the full article by Jennifer Xue on Cirque du Soleil SPARK Sessions here.

5 Awesome Ways to Use Instagram for Team Building

Team building with Social Media

Make the #TBT work in your favor! Our friends over at Museum Hack posted this great piece on how Instagram can be used for team building. We wanted to share it with you here at Team Building SF

To use Instagram for team building the key is to embrace the best aspects and features of the photo sharing app. Check out 5 ways Museum Hack encourages you to use Instagram team building.

The age of banning social media at work may be coming to an end. Many companies are nixing the no-social media policy simply because it’s nearly impossible to enforce – especially with the amount of people who own a smartphone or smartwatch. Others, hoping to stay relevant while fostering success and communication, are encouraging it.

Praise & Recognition

Praise and recognition are key to having happy and hardworking employees. Instagram is perfect for showing your employees that you appreciate what they do. You can make a separate Instagram account for internal posts and announcements or use the company’s public Instagram. Post weekly or bi-weekly photos recognizing an employee or team for their hard work. Recognition of this ilk not only shows your employees you appreciate them, but shows their co-workers, too.

For more great ways to use Instagram for Team Building, read the full post here:

3 Free Team Building Ideas to Inspire Your Teams

Team building activities are the kind of investments that boost everything from employee happiness to team cohesiveness. Team building activities don’t have to be stressful or over the top. If you don’t have time to plan a big team building event or need a quick fun activity to pump up your teams, don’t worry!

Here are 3 free team building ideas to help inspire your teams. From simple ice breakers to fun workplace scavenger hunts, turn these ideas into activities and watch your teams succeed.

The Casual Icebreaker: Icebreakers questions don’t have to be scary or stressful! A perfectly executed icebreaker can be a powerful tool to strengthen your teams and encourage creativity. Ditch the traditional icebreaker questions and re-imagine them to fit your company’s style. Example: If you were a wrestler, what would be your entrance song? Slip icebreakers into daily meetings or conference calls to get your teams laughing and excited.


Get Out of the Office: Have a meeting that doesn’t need to be held in a conference room? A company luncheon that could be held at a cafe? Get your employees out of the office! This is an awesome way to boost morale and inspire hard work. Simply switching up the work day and getting fresh air can be more beneficial than you realize.

Let the Games Begin: Playing games at work isn’t counterproductive. Contrary to popular belief, a mid-day session of ping-pong or charades can actually help employees re-focus. Games take our minds off stressful tasks and help us relax. Perfect for fostering friendly competition and giving your teams a much deserved break, in-office games help revive teams. They’ll be ready to go back to work with a fresh pair of eyes and a little more energy.

Use these awesome team building ideas as inspiration to develop your own free activities.. Don’t forget: Team building activities help make teams stronger, happier and more successful. Do you have any free building activities you love?

4 Companies that Offer Enthusiastic Team Building

Many team building companies are cropping up around the country as CEO’s and managers are learning the value of team bonding and the ROI it can have. Sometimes, the team building activities these companies offer can seem tired and stale. Here, we have highlighted 4 companies that are sure to make your team smile, facilitate a great event, and maybe even allow your employees to forget they were team building in the first place.

Stripe team members enjoying themselves on a corporate tour with Museum Hack.
Stripe team members enjoying themselves on a corporate tour with Museum Hack.
  1. Laser Quest: Help your team members rediscover their inner child as they dart through the multi-layer maze, admits plenty of special effects, loud music, and lights. Their corporate packages include unlimited game play and team activities between games. They also provide light refreshments and allow you private use of their facilities.
  2. Urban Putt: With a great Mission location and awesome food & drink, this indoor mini-golf course has set themselves apart as something unique. Corporate groups can rent out the entire facility, including the bar, Game Room, and golf course. Urban Putt has made a commitment to fun and they deliver.
  3. Museum Hack: This renegade tour company specializes in reimagining the ordinary. They have developed a unique brand of sassy museum tours and engaging team building activities. They offer corporate tours at the de Young Museum, as well as offsite team building or breakouts.
  4. The Go Game: Their tagline reads, “Outrageously  fun real-world adventures that are anything but average & boring team building exercises.” Their classic Go Game adventure is advertised as a cross between a scavenger hunt and Mission: Impossible and it will have your team racing all around town to complete the tasks given by their custom smartphone app. The Go Game is sure to be a good time.

These companies all offer activities that will get your team out of their office chairs and having a good time together in non-traditional, fun ways that are sure to be a hit with everyone.