Jordan’s Kitchen

While looking for food related team building activities, I discovered Jordan’s Kitchen. Jordan’s Kitchen offers weekly hands on public cooking classes, as well as classes for private or corporate groups; they also cater private dinners and parties. Jordan’s Kitchen offers both onsite corporate events, as well as events hosted in their kitchen. The classes are … Read moreJordan’s Kitchen

AdVenture Games Inc.

I was searching for active and exciting team building activities in the San Francisco area, and came across AdVenture Games Inc. This company has locations around the country and offer activities that challenge a team’s creativity throughout their “mind-provoking course”. Some of the activities offered by AdVenture Games Inc. are called National Treasure (a “Problem-Solving Urban … Read moreAdVenture Games Inc.


As I was searching for team building activities in the San Francisco area, I found CLASH Team Building Events. CLASH, which stands for the “California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters” began as a group of friends who designed a scavenger hunt game to get them out and about and off the couch during their weekends … Read moreCLASH

Feet First Event Entertainment

As I continued hunting for adventurous and active team building activities, I found Feet First Event Entertainment. They specialize in, “providing unique and memorable team building activities” through a variety of activities called, “Amazing Race”, “Survivor Games”, “Mission Possible”, and “Project Funway”. These are just a few activities offered in categories like Indoor, and Outdoor … Read moreFeet First Event Entertainment

3 Active Team Building Ideas

The words “team building” often conjure up images of stiff and awkward team members participating in trust falls in the breakroom or rather unwillingly playing a quick icebreaker game around the table in the conference room before a meeting. However, that does not have to be the case. These Bay Area businesses offer team building … Read more3 Active Team Building Ideas