28 Company Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Here at Team Building San Francisco we are cataloguing the best team building activities, corporate events and company outing ideas that the Bay Area has to offer.

San Francisco, and the Bay Area, have become a massive tech hub – one that includes some of the best companies in the USA. Thanks to the startups and tech companies that are dominating the scene, there are a lot more corporate-focused team building activities.

If you are new to team building (or team bonding as referregind to by some), here’s what you need to know. Team building is an activity that gathers employees and aims to improve productivity by encouraging them to participate in different corporate activities and events.

Basically, the value of team building is simple – it takes the entire company offsite and develops trust among employees through fun activities and games. According to many credible sources, team building has become a trend among the new companies, whose goal help employees bond and encourage them to trust each other, just like in their corporate roles.
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3 Awesome Outdoor Team Bonding Activities in San Francisco

When it is awesome outside, no one wants to be cooped up indoors, especially at work! Read on to learn about some awesome outdoor activities in San Francisco that can do a lot to help team bonding.

Scavenger Hunt

Regardless of age, scavenger hunts are fun everyone. They promote healthy competition and teamwork necessary to bond with others. Create an outdoor treasure hunt anywhere around the San Francisco area, with clues that will help the team brainstorm and work together. Raise the competition factor by offering an incentive for each member of the winning team.  Incentives could be a day off or gift certificate to a local eatery in the Bay area. It should, however, be something you know everyone would be interested in, in order to boost the competitiveness and teamwork.

Outdoor Yoga Session

Are you aware that yoga helps people destress and relax, in addition to providing a lot of other fitness and health benefits? Yoga helps us focus through holding poses and breathing.  It is also a form of meditation which keeps the mind off outside elements and brings us back into the moment. Yoga can do amazing things for employees’ stress levels. They’ll check all their worry at the door and relax for an entire session.  Apart from being beneficial for the mind, yoga is also good for flexibility, strength, and posture. By having a monthly or weekly outdoor yoga sessions, your employees will be able to hit the pause button on their individual lives and work toward improving themselves as a group.

Hula Hooping

You can get silly and get some exercise by hula hooping in San Francisco. Not only is this exercise great for creating an upbeat environment, it is also an awesome exercise for encouraging team building. If your team is often in high-stress situations, offering short hula hoop sessions for everyone once a month is a great choice. Your team will leave the exercise feeling recharged and ready to get back to work.

Boosting Employee Engagement Through Team Building

It’s no secret that happy employees are better team members. And the most direct path to team members’ happiness is through engagement; team members that feel engaged are more likely to perform better and put more trust into management. Deepening your employees’ engagement levels will result in a more productive and successful company. In a recent blog post on their website, teambuildnyc.com cited a study that showed that 69% of workers thought that their company had an engagement problem, and 82% of those employees wanted their company to fix the problem. That’s a lot of unengaged employees. In their post, teambuildnyc.com, lists 3 ways to boost employee engagement:

  1. Have fun: Having fun together is a crucial part of engaging your team, and not all of your options have to be stereotypical or cheesy activities. They suggest a team building tour from Museum Hack, who offers tours here in San Francisco at the de Young Museum. Their tours will have your team laughing and relaxing. Having fun together is a great way to recharge your batteries and return back to the office performing their best.
  2. Volunteer: What better way to engage your team than to unite them around the common cause of paying it forward. Spending some time giving to others at your local soup kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, or even the local animal shelter.
  3. Celebrate: Celebrating individual and team accomplishments, whether big or small, will help your employees to know that they are not unnoticed. Engaging your team members happy and engaged in the company will have a hugely positive impact on your company’s morale.

By boosting your team members’ engagement through team building, you will be impacting the atmosphere in your office in a positive way and helping your team to remain happy and productive.

New Bar Works Co-Working Space Opens in San Francisco

Jack’s restaurant, a historic building in downtown San Francisco, is finding new life as a co-working space; it is being revitalized by Bar Works, a company that has 3 similar spaces in New York City. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bar Works decided upon the historic venue in order to make a statement as they charter a space in a brand new town. They cite Bar Works’ managing director, Franklin Kinard, who said, “By going after a landmark building, we felt it was a dramatic way to announce ourselves to the marketplace. It makes a statement.”

This space will be perfect for individuals working remotely who would prefer a dedicated workspace instead of bounding nomadically from coffeeshop to coffeeshop seeking fast wifi and a productive space to work. It will also be a great place for small teams to gather and work, as they will offer nearly 400 individual workspaces as well as conference rooms in the 6,000 square foot facility.

The Jack’s building has a storied history. It is the second oldest restaurant in San Francisco; it first opened it’s doors in 1864 and has been home to a series of restaurants and cafes since. For the first time in it’s history, it will be home to a business not in the foodservice industry, although Bar Works intends to obtain a liquor and wine license, as well as have coffee and light food available to its tenants.

The owners of this new co-working space hope to preserve a lot of the historical significance by maintaining some of the original operations and aesthetic through opening the bar and food service avenues within the building. Co-working prices will be comparable to the other companies already in town – $30 day passes, and $400-$600 a month for most spaces. Bar Works is hoping that by keeping some of the original vintage look of Jack’s while reopening its doors as a co-working space, they will be able to preserve an important piece of San Francisco history.

Pokémon GO Team Building Possibilities

Museum Hack Premieres Pokemon Themed Tours
Upon its release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon GO became a quick internet sensation –
swiftly surpassing apps like Twitter and Tinder in number of users and quickly rising to the top of the App Store charts. As the Pokemon GO craze continued, Museum Hack continued their pattern of remaining on top of trends by announcing a Pokémon GO themed tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their first tour launched on July 16 and received some media attention.

Museum Hack has also written about how museums have seen an uprise in people walking through their doors, often for the first time, looking for Pokémon. This game is getting people off their couches, out of their houses, and into their neighborhoods. Museum Hack is no stranger to innovation and activity in fields that seem unlikely candidates for these sorts of new approaches. They have developed a brand of exciting and unconventional tours that are offered in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Gallery of National Art in DC, and most recently, the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Catch All Your Team Members with Pokémon Team Building
Any one of their tours would be a great team building option – they are fun, exciting, and group-oriented. The Pokemon themed tour would be a particularly great team bonding activity, as most people are already familiar with or are playing Pokemon GO and can dive right into engaging with and enjoying the tour. While these tours are currently only offered in New York City, there are rumors that private Pokemon tours will be coming to San Francisco soon. Until then however, you can request customized corporate tours here: https://museumhack.com/team-building/san-francisco/. They could certainly put together an afternoon or evening full of Pokemon-related museum activities that would allow your team to laugh and play together.

Bay Area Booze-Infused Bonding

Nothing lightens the mood and relaxes inhibitions quite like  a good cocktail, and these three companies all offer team building activities in San Francisco that feature alcohol. Whether your team is learning bartending skills, cooking appetizers for a cocktail event, or participating in an authentic grape stomping, these activities will have them laughing, learning more about one another, and bonding with ease. These Bay Area businesses are worth checking out!

  1. SF Mixology: Your team first learns the skills of excellent bartending, and then SF Mixology divides them into small teams and they compete head to head to make, and serve the best drinks. The competition will require them to work together as a team and build customer service skills and other knowledge that they can transfer into their professional lives well after the competition is over.
  2. Parties That Cook, Small Plates Cooking Party: This evening event begins with time for your team to mingle and enjoy some appetizers and a drink. They are then treated to a cooking lesson and demonstration before they are divided into smaller teams to compete against one another to prepare a spectacular array of tapas. With music and a festive atmosphere, this mixer-style team building event is sure to leave your team smiling.
  3. The Lodge at Sonoma: This resort lodge offers festivals and events throughout the year that are a blast for corporate teams. At their Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival, guests get to taste test five different wines and enjoy foods from local restaurants and shops. Guests at the festival can even participate in a grape stomp and watch a firefighter water fight.

These three companies all offer fun and exciting team building activities in the Bay Area that all involve one thing: alcohol. The spirited atmospheres that these companies and their events foster will have your team interacting much more like friends and far less like only coworkers by the time it’s all said and done.

3 Fun Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Individuals on one of Museum Hack’s new tours of the de Young Museum.
Individuals on one of Museum Hack’s new tours of the de Young Museum.

Most companies know that team building is important, and look for ways to inspire their teams. However, these team building activities too often involve awkward icebreakers, trust falls, or other games that end up making the team feel more uncomfortable around one another instead of building camaraderie. But fear not, not all team building events have to be uncomfortable. Below are some activities that help make team bonding as inspiring and awesome as it’s supposed to be.

  1. Participate in sports together. Get the heart pumping and the laughter and smiles flowing simultaneously. Many teams participate in a softball league or sponsor a running club. Or maybe a more zany, one-off athletic event is more your team’s style. Try taking your team to House of Air – they offer team building activities that will have your team flying high. Who knows, maybe your team will have so much fun they’ll form a group to compete in weekly dodgeball tournaments or sign up for one of House of Air’s workout classes.
  2. Do art together. Perhaps something a little less physically straining is more your team’s style. Take a pottery class together or do painting. Many places even allow you to bring your own wine or provide some for you. Paint Night offers group activities that exercise creativity and provide a social atmosphere, complete with cocktails.
  3. Take a Museum Hack tour. The New York-based company has recently expanded their operations to San Francisco and offer their unique and tested brand of team building at the de Young Museum. These tours include storytelling workshops, a scavenger hunt, and plenty of wonderful stories and secrets about the museum. A Museum Hack team building tour will have your team laughing and bonding as they share this one-of-a-kind experience. More info here.

That’s our list for today! Check back often for more ideas, tips and team building hacks. An investment in your team is an investment in your company. Many companies that sponsor these sorts of fun events regularly see a large ROI on employee creativity and productivity.