5 Team Building Activities That Taste Great

Food can be a great social elixir, whether your group is sitting down to eat a meal together, or learning to prepare one. Food can create a shared experience and be a conversation starter, breaking down barriers that would otherwise remain in place. These 4 companies offer food-based team building activities in San Francisco with a broad range of flavors to suit any company’s pallette.

  1. Jordan’s Kitchen: This San Francisco based business offers cooking classes that are customized and perfect for any team. Offering the company the opportunity to get offsite, Chef Jordan hosts the team in his own facilities and tailors the experience and menu to each group. Jordan’s Kitchen has worked with teams from a variety of corporations like Facebook, Google, and Adobe.
  2. Parties that Cook: With operations in both San Francisco and Chicago, Parties that Cook inspires collaboration and productivity among team members through their fun in the kitchen. You pick the venue, and let them know your team size, and they bring their mobile operations to your team.
  3. Hands on Gourmet: This company services much of the Bay Area and collaborates with a variety of restaurants, wineries, and cafes to provide top notch corporate team building events. They will help you pick the perfect location for your company’s team event and design a menu according to your team’s tastes. You can choose to host your event at one of their facilities or another offsite spot of your choosing.
  4. Avital Tours: Not all food-based team building has to involve cooking either. Providing walking tours built by locals with locals in mind, Avital offers a unique experience to residents that allows them to experience restaurants in their own backyard in fresh ways, by going into the kitchens, talking with restaurant owners and chefs, and creating one-of-a-kind food and alcohol pairings. These tours will have your team laughing and smiling and bonding over the common denominator of excellent food.
  5. The Great Guac Off: Looking for an active and competitive team building option with food? Look no further. The Great Guac off combines everyone’s favorite mashed avocado with fun games and activities that will have your entire team laughing, smiling and wanting more!

Whether it be chefs that come to you, invite you into their own kitchen, or even host a party in someone else’s, San Francisco has a lot of tasteful team building options.

3 Fun Team Building Activities in San Francisco

Individuals on one of Museum Hack’s new tours of the de Young Museum.
Individuals on one of Museum Hack’s new tours of the de Young Museum.

Most companies know that team building is important, and look for ways to inspire their teams. However, these team building activities too often involve awkward icebreakers, trust falls, or other games that end up making the team feel more uncomfortable around one another instead of building camaraderie. But fear not, not all team building events have to be uncomfortable. Below are some activities that help make team bonding as inspiring and awesome as it’s supposed to be.

  1. Participate in sports together. Get the heart pumping and the laughter and smiles flowing simultaneously. Many teams participate in a softball league or sponsor a running club. Or maybe a more zany, one-off athletic event is more your team’s style. Try taking your team to House of Air – they offer team building activities that will have your team flying high. Who knows, maybe your team will have so much fun they’ll form a group to compete in weekly dodgeball tournaments or sign up for one of House of Air’s workout classes.
  2. Do art together. Perhaps something a little less physically straining is more your team’s style. Take a pottery class together or do painting. Many places even allow you to bring your own wine or provide some for you. Paint Night offers group activities that exercise creativity and provide a social atmosphere, complete with cocktails.
  3. Take a Museum Hack tour. The New York-based company has recently expanded their operations to San Francisco and offer their unique and tested brand of team building at the de Young Museum. These tours include storytelling workshops, a scavenger hunt, and plenty of wonderful stories and secrets about the museum. A Museum Hack team building tour will have your team laughing and bonding as they share this one-of-a-kind experience. More info here.

That’s our list for today! Check back often for more ideas, tips and team building hacks. An investment in your team is an investment in your company. Many companies that sponsor these sorts of fun events regularly see a large ROI on employee creativity and productivity.