Team Building Lessons from Olympic Athletes

This summer, the world’s best athletes have gathered in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to compete for Olympic gold. They’ve shown amazing strength, determination, and persistence in order to qualify to compete on the world stage. Many of the qualities these athletes display can be applied to office teams as well. In a recent post on their blog, Spectrum Staffing identified three lessons that your team can learn from the athletes competing in the games of the 31st Olympiad.

  1. Communicate: All of the athletes come into the games with a plan, but as conditions change, it is crucial that they adapt and communicate to make the most of the competition and come out ahead. The same applies to corporate collaborations – it’s not enough for team members to simply come up with a plan at the start, but they must also be willing and able to communicate with each other at every step along the way. Stellar┬ácommunication will open up the doors to highly effective collaboration as each team member is aware of the others’ positions, and is able to adjust their course correctly.
  2. Share One Vision: While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is highly important that your team all share the same goal as they strive towards the future. Being able to unify behind a common theme will allow your team members to know their roles and strive effectively towards the end result. They will be able to achieve smaller steps it takes along the way when they have all caught sight of the same vision.
  3. Commit To Hard Work: All of the Olympic athletes have trained tirelessly for years to earn a spot on the competition floor at Rio, and know that they must give at least 100% in order earn gold. Your team must also be aware of the hard work it will take to achieve the end result and be willing to go the distance.

Every Olympic athlete compete with the hope of returning home crowned as, “The Best in the World”, and many of the same principles they apply to their competition and training hold merit in the corporate world as well.

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