Team Building Lessons Learned From Museum Hack

New York-based company, Museum Hack has recently moved into the Bay Area neighborhood and brought with them their unique brand of team building activities centered around the exciting and unknown stories of the artifacts and pieces at the de Young Museum. They have had great success with team building activities in New York City, and these are some tips and tricks we have learned from their adventures so far in NYC and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Provide Real Experiences: Museum Hack prides themselves in creating lasting impressions with their guests by offering memorable experiences that will be remembered for years to come. Their guides’ authenticity shines through during each of their tours as they encourage their guests to be themselves through their example. They don’t take themselves, or the museums, too seriously.

Provide Real Stories: This goal stems from their continued commitment to authenticity. Museum Hack’s guides spend the time to learn the stories about the pieces at the museum. They work to become experts with the information and engage their guests with the art through true and entertaining stories.

Re-Invent Your Surroundings: Museum Hack began when CEO Nick Gray was taken on a date to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The young woman that Gray went with shared some of her favorite stories about the different pieces in the Met. Gray’s eyes were opened to the entertaining and educational opportunities offered by this personalized approach. Museum Hack has been committed to unique and inventive approaches to private and corporate museum tours ever since.

Through providing authentic and exciting museum tours, Museum Hack has changed the way people look at and experience museums. By connecting with their guests through their customized and authentic approach and providing them with true and entertaining stories, Museum Hacks guides pave the way for their guests to laugh and connect with one another. This blend of truthfulness and engagement have allowed them to transform not only the way people experience museums, but corporate team building as well.

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