When Team Building Is Necessary

If you’re here on teambuildingsf.com, you know that team building is important, and you also know that there are certain situations that call for team building more than others. There are certain times when your team is operating on all cylinders, and others when they could use some improvement. It is crucial in these moments to take some time and course correct before the less-than-optimal operating conditions become the new norm. There are a few common moving parts that could factor into team building becoming a necessity for your team.

A team member is having a hard time fitting in.

Even if a new hire seemed like a good cultural fit for your company and your department during his or her interview doesn’t mean there may not be hiccups later. This happens to even the best of teams, and even in the friendliest of work environments, but a short team building event, onsite or off, might be all it takes for your newest team member to come out of his or her shell and feel like an involved and valuable member of the team. Once your team opens up to its most recent addition, and vice versa, your team will be humming along smoothly and producing results to its fullest potential in no time.

Team or company morale is low.

Maybe your team just put on one of it’s biggest events of the year, or just completed the most strenuous sales quarter of the year – taking a break to play and laugh as a team could be just what your team members need to get back on their feet and feeling energized again. Or maybe it feels like the gears are grinding slowly to a halt and you are finding that your team just needs a break in the action in order to start feeling like themselves again. A fun event – maybe a night out on the town, or an organized competition from one of the companies featured on this website – could be the perfect thing to raise spirits and boost morale.

Your team is not communicating or collaborating to their fullest potential.

Team building games can be especially effective at increasing a team’s communication abilities; by competing in activities far varied from those they encounter in the office, team building exercises allow your team member the chance to learn one another’s communication styles, strengths, and personalities. The things they learn about their teammates here can help them work better together in the office later.

It’s been awhile since your last team building event.

Like an oil change in your car, or a yearly well check at the doctor’s office – regular team building events can help prevent hiccups and stall outs before they happen. Team bonding events will see great ROI as your team or company learns more about each other and themselves.

If your team or company is struggling to find their inspiration, not to worry, you’re not alone and there are plenty of resources to help your team find a fresh rhythm again. Whether it’s after adding a fresh addition, or when experiencing communication problems or a lack of morale, or even just routine maintenance, team bonding activities play a vital role in the strength and health of your department and company.

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